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  1. 09-14 Performance Group
    So I recently had my valves checked, six was out of spec, I’m at 22k miles, I checked them earlier than the recommended 26k cause I could feel something was wrong. I got my bike back and decided to take it and have it flashed and dyno tuned, I’m no expert with bikes but even after the valve...
  2. 00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    I recently did an engine swap on my 2001 R1 and after putting everything back together, I tried starting the bike. My fuel pump shrieked a wonky sound while priming and didn’t want to turn on at all. I'm just wondering what it could be everything is hooked up correctly? I did notice a...
  3. 07-08 R1 Mechanical Help
    hey I know there are 10000x posts about this issue and I have read through them and am still at a loss. I have a 2008 R1 ~24k w/ full exhaust, PCV, and ECU is flashed(all mods done by previous owner) I've had the bike about a year now and it has ran flawless until now. Noticed the bike took...
  4. 09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    Gonna be building a yfz450 with a 2009 R1 motor pretty soon, and I won't be able to use the R1 fuel tank or fuel pump so I'm just wondering does anyone know any external fuel pumps that will work?
  5. 04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    So I have a 2005 Yamaha R1 . I Recently got it and it originally had an Engine light on with 4 Errors. So I took it to the shop and had them fixed so there is no more engine light. Well yesterday when I was riding, in First Gear, going like 22, the bike just shut off randomly and I had to hold...
1-5 of 5 Results