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  1. Appearance & Mods
    Does anyone know if there are any mirrors that fold up like the oem ninja mirrors? I had a ninja between my R6 and my R1 and I fell in love with the ability to fold my mirrors up when parked, and snap them down to ride. But I can't seem to find any mirrors that can do that for the R1. The ninja...
  2. Appearance & Mods
    I just got a 08 R1 and wanna get rid of the mirrors. I was wondering wat the best options were and what to replace te mirrors with/the laws on it.
  3. Bike Parts For Sale
    Gilles Tooling Block off kit for 2020 & 2021 Yamaha R1. Got hit by SUV before I could install them. New in box. https://www.motovationusa.com/race-block-off-kit-by-gilles-tooling-yamaha-r1-RCK-07.html Asking $110 OBO
  4. General Motorcycle Discussions
    Looking for the best / cleanest looking mirror block off’s for track days on my 2014 R1. Any input appreciated. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results