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  1. 98-99 R1 Mechanical Help
    I tried starting my 98 r1 and it cranks and gets fuel, but no spark. From what i can tell there doesnt seem to be any signal sent from the ignitor unit. All the wires and fuses are intact and the puckup coil resistanse is within spec. Is it likely a bad ignitor unit or is there something else...
  2. 00-01 Performance Group
    So I’ve been having major issues with my 2000 after installation of Dynojet jet kit bogging knocking sounds live a vtwin just horrible I’ve tried different mixture screw settings nothing I do seems to improve it at all and #4 cylinder carb is sucking much harder than the rest and it kinda...
  3. 00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hey I posters before but no response I have a 00 r1 I think my timing may be off but not sure it sputteres when taking off and has no power till like 2000 rpms or more back fires a little and kinda vibrates too . I did a Dynojet jet kit all jets are clean and new and changed the cct. I’m...
1-3 of 3 Results