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r1 2000

  1. 00 R-1 new mcct.

    00-01 Performance Group
    So what's up lady's and gents. And fellow yamy, lovers. How is everyone? So I bought a 2000, R-1 for pretty small amount of money I paid 1,200$$ it is in good overall shape. For that money how could I not ? I had a 99 back in 2000. I loved it and the romance never died 🤗. So that's the good...
  2. Buying advice, purchasing 00-01 R1 in 2020

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    Hi, I am seriously considering buying the R1 2000-2001 model and wanted to seek some general advice/opinions, particularly whether it makes sense to purchase this in 2020. For background, the rationale for buying this particular bike is simply because it's the bike of my dreams, when it came...