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  1. New Member Introductions
    My first bike was back in 97 and was a brand new 96 Honda CBR600F3. I was only 20 and a bit of a wild man. Not what you'd call a safe or careful rider. But, I managed to ride over 18,000 miles in one year without ever laying her down, and I did do some upgrades and she could push 183 mph when I...
  2. 02-03 R1 Mechanical Help
    bike had its front end ripped off from at a stop from a car, the instrument cluster doesn't work anymore and was not plugged in when I tried to turn it on but she does start as soon as it fires it bogs down for a moment then climes to redline immediately. Bike was in 1st gear with the clutch in...
  3. Bikes/Parts Wanted
    Want to buy a 2002-2003 R1 engine. Needing a sound engine that came off a running bike. Willing to drive a few hundred miles any direction or to pay shipping. Thanks!
  4. 02-03 R1 Mechanical Help
    My starter motor just stopped running about a month ago, I started looking for a brand new but its price is way too expensive...is it possible to fit a 04-08 starter motor on my 03 bike? I've just read that maybe de 98-99 one could also fit. I'm going nuts because I couldn't find any solution...
  5. 02-03 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hi gents i am new to this forum. glad to know there is a platform for this specific bike. So a friend's R1 2003 came from a mechanic who changed the main bearing but after getting the bike it has an idle problem and the rpm needle keeps on bouncing. it sounds like the engine has random...
1-5 of 5 Results