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r1 2014

  1. 2014 R1 Dynojet PCV Map Request/Clutch Issue

    09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hello, new here and thanks ahead of time for the help. I have a 2014 R1 with a Power Commander V. A custom Toce exhaust is installed. Does anyone have a nice map to use for my setup? Would really appreciate it. There is one listed on the website, but I wanted to make sure there isn't...
  2. Can’t clear error code 23

    09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    Got my bike back from the shop today and they threw the error code 23. I tried going into diagnostic mode and switching on the kill switch under #62, which I’m under the impression should clear all error codes and turn the check engine light off. Can anyone help me with this?