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  1. 2020 R1 brand new overheating!

    Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M General Discussion
    Hello. I bought a new bike 5 days ago which I’m still breaking in riding it in Mode B and keeping the rpms below 7000. The first day of riding the bike starts to reach temperatures of 240F and feels very hot. So I took it back to the dealership and they did a quick inspection and test ride and...
  2. 2020 R1M cowl to R1?

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    I have 2020 R1, I was wondering if it is possible to attach R1M rear cowl with GPS module to R1?
  3. 2020 R1 With Austin Racing Exhaust

    Appearance & Mods
  4. 2020 R1 Exhaust Question?

    Appearance & Mods
    Hi Guys, Was searching for some information on the new R1 2020 as I just purchased one and figured this will be the right place to ask. So,does anybody know if the new R1 2020 has the same exhaust system as the 2017>2019 one. I'm looking to fit an Arrow half system that's made for the 2019...
  5. 2020 R1 Race/Track Fairings

    Appearance & Mods
    Hey everyone! We just wanted to announce that we are already selling race fairing kits for the R1 2020. Have an amazing day everyone and stay safe, friends!