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  1. 15-19 R1 Mechanical Help
    Out riding the other day and my bike shut off on me. Figured out the ignition fuse blew. Threw a new one in and started it up. After about 5 seconds it blew the fuse again. Only had the bike for about a month. Bought stock except for a fender eliminator that was on it. 15k miles. I know there...
  2. 04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    The 50Amp Fuse I have under the seat keeps blowing. Yesterday, when i was riding, i was experiencing the ignition continuously turning on and back off when i were to get on the throttle hard. I pulled the bike out today to and started it up, and it killed on me, so I restarted it up and then the...
1-2 of 2 Results