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  1. General Motorcycle Discussions
    Ok I'm happy and sad at the same time. My bike got stolen back in April and the police recovered it in August. Anyway the bone is not in the shape you would think it be being stolen and all. Pretty much the only thing the messed is the wiring and busted my ignition. I'm puzzled on how to...
  2. 15-19 R1 Mechanical Help
    Im about to buy a r1 2016 which doestnot start , owner said its wiring problem . if i buy it in current condition its cheap nd i will have to fix it . what shpuld i do
  3. 09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    Was replacing the front headlight fairing last night and I plugged everything in but this just doesnt make sense. I cant seem to figure out where this plug connects. Anyone have any ideas or have experience on where this might plug in to?
1-4 of 4 Results