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  1. FS: Yamaha One Piece Custom Tall Race Suit - $750 + Shipping

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    Yamaha Race Leathers One Piece Custom Tall ($1500 New) In Excellent Condition. Made in Japan, custom made race suit with around 33-34" inseam, made for a tall racer. Chest measures approximately 53-54" - Custom made so no size, the tag inside is in Japanese. MFJ Standard. Armored, back hump...
  2. 05 r1 idle screw problem

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    Hi I'm just hoping someone will be able to help me,I have a 2005 R1 I was trying to adjust my idle,it was to high and I was screwing it counterclockwise but the rpm was'nt going down so like an idiot I kept unscrewing it until it came out altogether,now I do not know where it's meant to screw...