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My R1 is almost done
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I need a whole bunch of parts for an 02-03 R1

A frame that can be titled. need
Front/upper fairing stay.got it
Front/upper fairing.got it
Gas tank.got it
Lock set - ignition, tank, rear seat comp. key or no key.got it
Rt hand clip-on or handlebar w/ brake lever assembly and resevoir.got it
Rear seat/cowl.got it
Airbox w/ guts. need
Right front inside fairing piece. need
Gauges. need
Headlight/s. need
Headlight bulbs. need
Steering dampner. need

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I have a front upper fairing almost in perfect shape you can give me an offer. Look at my 02-03 R1 For Sale thread to see pics, or shoot me a PM.
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