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Ok here goes, pics tomorrow when I get to work and can use the camera. I have both front and rear wheels/bearing caps/rotors/sprocket complete, ready to mount tires on and ride. BOTH RIMS ARE SLIGHTLY BENT!
nothing you can see unless wheel is spinning, you will have a slight vibration. The front bend is very minimal and hardly noticeable. I use these strictly for the track with race tires, I have done 3 track days on them without incedent. They are black and came off of a Liquid Silver 03
The front tire is NOT included. Sprocket is stock and has 7000 miles on it, same with the rotors. Rotors are not bent.
Perfect for guys like me who use their bike on track as well as the street. I wont ever go back to the track with street tires on and this way I didnt have to mount/dismount tires all the time.
I just sold my 03, and now have an 04 hence the sale.
$250 shipped.
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