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OK guys don't flame me :machinegu But I like the looks of the gold forks on the 02 over the Black ones.........If they would have sold the plain blue 4th scheme in the US I would have bought it.
Any way to the point, is there anyone with a red 02, fairly low miles that would be interested in trading their gold forks for my black forks?


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Petrol, yeah, I am about 5'6". The bike felt kinda big at first, but I am used to it now. My buddy has a 00 gixxer 750 and that bike feels bigger. Looking at the pic, I see what you mean :D

No big deal, it's about the skills anyway right?:)

Indy: Like I said, if you were in NJ, we could meet and do the trade, but I really don't want to ship.
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