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02 Mirror Modification

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Don't Know if anyone else thought of this, but on the 02 if you remove the mirrors, swap them left for right and mount them underneath the front fairing they bolt right on. If you then crank 'em up and adjust them, you can see nearly as well a with them in standard position and I think they look pretty hot :rock

What do you think?

I hope this picture up-load works...

If not someone email me off list and I can forward them to be posted...
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picture too

please send a picture to
[email protected]
i would like to see if i can do this to my bike and see if i can see better with them ;-)

howdy all,
ok, i know this is going off on a tilt here, but i originally subscribed to this post because i was looking for something to help me with my mirror placement. anyways, this is what i have and what i thinking about. i have a 2000 r1 with the stock mirror setup as stock. i have had a 2001 cbr 929 (if you ever get a chance to buy or receive one of these bikes, DONT!!!! just ask me about my law suit against the dealership because of these crappy bikes - ok enough ranting), a 1994 zx-7 which had tons of money dumped into it for maximum performance (but still holds absolutely nothing to the r1), and a 1986 ninja 600r. on my cbr and my kawies, the mirrors were able to be positioned so that i could more or less lay them out straight and fix them so i could see directly behind me. i am unable to do this on my r1. they have no vertical movement. they will just go front to back (and collapse if you go too far). i have tried to work out the kinks, trying to find the spot that works best, but in all honesty i cant see directly behind me unless i move my elbow over or lean over some to see. i am curious if anyone knows of a mirror mod, or an aftermarket mirror that will assist in this.

i know this was long winded, by hey if it fixes my problem, then i am thankful to you all ;-)
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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