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'02 MODS!!!!! (with Pics)

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I am starting to go crazy with my mods.......

Here is where I started:

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and Frame Sliders.........

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(from Calvin) but please correct the screws on your license-plate
Well, believe it or not, on my list is a set of anodized allen bolts. Those flat heads are temporary.

(from axellacht) damn kewl man ! really !
and i still would like to see a more detailed view of ya camholder 'n stuff if possible .
Thanks! The stand can be purchased at www.stemstand.com. I use it for my valentine one radar detector.

(from Liquid R1) Where did you get that tank bra??? It looks tight. The whole bike looks tight!!!
It is a 'Mag-Knight" tank bra. Fits perfectly; I love it. http://www.mag-knight.com/
(need4speed) is that the ohlins with the harris kit?????
Yup, and I LOVE it. It works great.

(need4speed) also where did you get that rear plate bracket???
I got that from a member here on this board, his name is pegdrgr.

(mxracer95) and what is the phone cord for?
That is the remote audio module for my Valentine One radar detector.

(mdrx7) Where did you get your frame slider? Did you have to do any mods to fit the on? How easy was it to do? Any input will be helpful. Thanks.
I bought the Intuitve Frame Sliders, Intuitive Swingarm Sliders (spools), and Intuitve Clutch Slider directly from Intuitive. Very Easy to install: 30 minutes for everything. No mods or cutting required.

(Roverdog) Frame sliders...Who, cost, website???
About $110 for all (Intuitve Frame Sliders, Intuitive Swingarm Sliders (spools), and Intuitve Clutch Slider)
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Does that answer everyone's questions?

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