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02 r1 rear subframe inforcments

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does any one have any info on how to inforce my sub frame so I can start doing 12s with no worrys and does anybody know of any videos of people rockin the 02-03
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get with solis he is rockin 12's i am almost there but gotta grow a bigger pair lol.. but solis i know is maybe prophet but i cant remember what he said if he is rockin 12's yet or not.. actually solis reinforced his if u look for a thread called new pics that he posted in the stunters section there is a pic with his bike at 12 that shows how he reinforced it hope this helps
don't scrap that hard and you won't have to worry about messing up your sub frame.:sneaky If you do destroy it you are lucky it is a 02 and it's a bolt on sub frame. Just hit up ebay, depends how much rear break and throttle contorl you have, shouldn't have to worry about ripping one apart. Just take your time and use a 12 bar. :epimp
you should get diamond plate and tig them onto your subframe, to fit the gap from the top bar to the bottom on the inside and out just to support it better because R1 sub frames and a tendency to CURL up from 12's... ...or just slap on the bar, but it will slowly curl up from 12's...

...not bangin' 12's pimp style like solis yet, but nipping at dem heels boi!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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