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02 Silver R1 w/ Silver Wheels???

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Has anyone thought or even tried painting their 2002 Liquid Silver R1's wheels silver to match their bike? If so, how does it look? Please post pics. Not sure if I want to do this, or leave them black. Thanks in advance.
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Yeah, I thought about it. But, I have seen pics of a silver R1 with polished wheels, and I didn't know if I like that better or the wheels all black. I would like to see some painted same silver color as bike. Or maybe even polish just the edges? Just some ideas. Later...
I am buying some silver OZ racing rims......I will post a pic soon!
I plan on polishing the lips of my rims but will keep the rest of the rim black. I think the contrast will look pretty good. It's a pain in the ass if yo udo it yourself but you save a shit load of money!!!!
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