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5K, full Akra carbon system, pc3R, Graves velocity stacks, BMC filter, Hyperpro damper, double bubble screen, greggs flush mounts, full carbon sliders, LP rears, Harris grips, Diablo Corsas, syn oil, plus all original stock parts including the full stock exaust system, and two extra sets of tires in real good shape. Dunlop 208 and Diablos. Owned by an old man, always garaged, never raced, a few track days, and believe it or not never did a wheelie or a stoppie (brittle bones).
Oh yeah, never in snow.
That is about $2600 in parts alone. Needs nothing, If someone wants it all for $8,000 I'll buy an 04 for $11,400 and then dump $2,600 into it. I'm not sure I'm very smart to sell the '03 for $8,000 and put $14,000 into an '04 but then again women have been telling me I'm not very smart for years. Oh Well.
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