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I realize that the stock timer is pretty useless and that the buttons are not easily accessible, but how do you make it work????

I have talked to a couple of other owners and they say that theres does not work either??? When you select the timer mode all it does is blinks. The book say to press the reset button to start it, but all that does is continues selecting the Temp sensors.
I have tried pushing both buttons also, with no luck. What is the trick????

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It's just 2 buttons, you hit the select until the timer shows up then hit reset to start it.

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There's no way to stick your hand in there if seconds count!

Also, getting your hand out of there in a hurry is not fun either. The windshield screw will scratch the back of your hand, or worse snag the back of your glove, scarry sh*T- Don't ask me how I know.

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That lap clock is piece of shit.

I had better computer in my RSV mille (since 9:cool:
than any of these new japanese liter sports.
Standard clock showed avg. speed, max speed,
lap times and so on. Easily accessed and set by
pointing finger.

On 04 R1 you CAN'T use that for laptimes.
Kawasakis and others have by far better timers.

Is it really so hard to make things work? Dammit.

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I used mine yesterday at a track day to time someone else.

It's still a POS.

If yours is blinking, hold down one of the buttons (I forget which one) for about 3 seconds until it stops blinking. Then it will work normally.

If I was Yamaha's marketing US group, I would have had the factory REMOVE this POS "feature" before the product shipped, and I sure as hell wouldn't have included it in the operator's manual.

The feature is difficult and dangerous to use, and I sure as hell don't wanna have to turn my entire R1 on to time a single lap.
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