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04 r1 arrives in melbourne

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for those interested, they are here. stafford yamaha has them if you want to go looky. so does mick hone, and i assume other dealers aswell as the yamaha truck had plenty on board.:fork
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stafford sold a blue one last night, and the red will be going today. btw dan they WILL have a demo for test soon. do you want me to let you know when?:sneaky
Enlightened said:
Hey Guys and Gals long time no talk/see !~!

Any ways i just looked at the new R1 at my local yammie dealer {motorcycleland ballarat} good news is it looks sweet as bad news they wont let me test ride it however they are supposed too be getting a cbr1000 in the next few weeks and the kawaka dealer has a new zx 10 so i am gonna try and arrange back too back test rides asap but i must admit i think i am in love with the looks of the r1 :thumbup

Plushy :cowboy
where'd ya dissappear to?:vanish and yes the 04 is:bow :yesnod
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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