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04 r1 arrives in melbourne

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for those interested, they are here. stafford yamaha has them if you want to go looky. so does mick hone, and i assume other dealers aswell as the yamaha truck had plenty on board.:fork
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Yeah geelong has a Red one as of last night also , have asked if they have a demo model for a test ride ...answer was a short sharp no .......pretty piss poor effort if they expect you just to buy without testing....not that i won't anyway ...but going for a test ride today of a ZX10 for an hour , will have pics and thoughts on it when i get on later today .

Hello to everyone :hellobye

Should we be gathering for another ride soon ?
blur1 said:
stafford sold a blue one last night, and the red will be going today. btw dan they WILL have a demo for test soon. do you want me to let you know when?:sneaky
Yes please Greg ....after expecting so much from all the hype on the ZX10 i was a little let down by it , and i'd really like to ride the R1 just so i'm not equally disappointed , not that i am any great expert racer, but my arse does know when it senses fear !!

We had the ZX for 2 hours today , we took my R1 and the Zx for direct comparisons , first thing you notice is the induction noise of the ZX ...sounds awsome , and your sitting ontop of it more than the R1 , the bars are a little lower and out more .

First thing we did when we got out into the open away from everyone was do a 3rd gear roll on , Scotty was on my bike and i was on the ZX , we both took off pretty evenly and were side by side till we hit about 7k and thats when the ZX walked away from my bike effortlessly ....which kind of shattered me a bit , i was hoping my baby would put up a bit better fight , we did this in 4th aswell and same result , i have to note the ride on the ZX was friggin woefull , was sh*tful and didn't absorb any bumps whatso ever , it actually nearly threw me off about 4 times when we hit some bumpy roads at only 120K's.....don't want to even think what would have happened at 170+...that was the major disappointment in the bike that i can pick , and i know with stuffing around with the settings it would probably be better , but it was still a handfull at any speed above 180 , you had to really concentrate on where you were going ...no looking at the speedo or tacko...... i honestly shat ....while on the R1 you can relax more .
Now we swapped bikes after my hour on it and i hopped on mine , felt so much more comfortable and absorbed every bit of road so much better , actually the rear shock on the ZX felt like it has seized thats how bad it was . We did a rolling 3rd gear again ..me expecting to get eaten alive again ...that was untill i hit about 7k revs and i just walked away with as much eaze from the ZX as it had done from me earlier , we then did a standing start up to 3rd gear , again by the time i had shifted into 2nd i was pulling away very comnfortably to be atleast 10 + bike lengths ahead by end of 3rd ...now before everyone thinks BS , i'll tell you why this happened and why i had walked away from Scotty on my bike as easily ...made me feel alot better about my bike come to think of it .....Scotty weighs in at 140kg and i weigh in at 100kg at the moment , so the extra weight the bikes had to lug around because of Scotties size was clearly evident after the second set of runs with bikes swapped , just to clear things up ...around the twisties at GOR or almost anywhere Scott is a gun ..and i couldn't hang with him if my nuts were tied to his rear number plate...which just goes to show down the straight power to weight does make a huge difference , i never realised how much until today , seat of the pants the ZX felt more powerful , handling wise i personally don't think even set up right it would out handle the 02/03 R1's that much more .

Beauty wise ....i don't think it would touch the Red 04 R1 they have here in Geelong , i'm going in Tuesday to talk turkey with the guys here , but i really do think i'll have to go to Melb to get a better deal , just wish i could get a ride on it first , hate buying without riding . If they give me the same trade as what the ZX guy was willing to do ...it'll be in my garage by the weekend .

Cheers guys .

P.S Greg if you hear anything give me a yell bud
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