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Hello all,

I have a 2004 yamaha r1 that I am looking to get a map for. I have the following power modifications:

BMC filter
Gutted stock mid
Race baffles in stock pipes
Smog block off plates
running the ex-up valve still
91 + octane at all times

When I had motomummy ship me the PCV I had them pre-map it to these specifications. The bike runs really good but is too rich I believe. I know there are no restrictions on the bikes exhaust but it smells really strong (without cat and race baffles its going to smell I know) but it will also die sometimes when I "blip" the throttle a few times sounding like it is bogging out from too much fuel.

Looking to see if anyone out there has the same mods that has maybe had their bike dyno tuned and I could steal a map from them. I have considered drilling an 02 bung and doing an auto tune setup but don't really want to invest the time or money. I plan to do the velocity stacks next and be done with power adders (as the bike is already too fast :ncont: )

Any help is much appreciated!!

Stay up friends.
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