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After my first track day with my new '04 I came away very pleased overall but dissapointe with one aspect in particular. Just like my '03 the bike stops at 299km on the speedo. There is some sort of electronic limiter that makes the bike "buzz" at this speed and it will not go any faster.
I hade "0"km on the clock so I "ran it in" at the track... for two 20 min sessions then it was a few quick (but still comfortable) laps. I was within .8 seconds of my best time on my '03 and without even trying or revving the bike hard. This is going to be a great bike.
However, to get the best out of it I need to get rid of this limitation. I know on GSX'R's there is a resistor that has to be slpiced into a circuit to override this limitation. I expect the same applies here and chances are it is the same as would have applied on an '03. Any suggestions apprecited.

Thanks! :rant :rant
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