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04 r6 serivce manaul

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does anyone have an 04 r6 service manaul that i can download
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The file is too big, even after I ziped it. Here's a link:

Is that the SERVICE manual or the OWNER manual?
well in the URL it says: service/manuals/... but the cover of the book says "owner's manual." It's the same one that I got when I bought my bike
Service Manual

Does anyone have the 2004 Service Manual

Thanks Scott
Yea i know this thread is super old but felt it was better to bring up this question for future reference of others using the "search functions" as I did

On the most part is the 03-04 R6 the same ?

I have the 2004 R1 and R6 service manuals on CD.
Cant get any of your links to work. Im in need of a PDF file of 2003 (04 05 will be ok too)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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