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04 stock+aftermarket underseat exhaust?... too hot?

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Hi guys
I don´t know if this has been covered before to the extend I´m looking for but here it goes:

I´m into buying a 04 R1 but my question to the owners especially the ones with aftermarket exhaust is how hot it really gets?
I live in Portugal and summers get really hot around here (35Cº) and I don´t like the idea of burning my ass off like I did for example on the duc999s I test drove the other day.

Also if for some chance I give a ride to a friend (girl) how bearable is it going to get. Can a person handel it or is it going to be almost impossible.

This issue is very important for me so all input regarding this will be much appreciated. :thumbup
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My ass has gotten a little toasty on the 04 in a full day of riding.
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