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04 stock+aftermarket underseat exhaust?... too hot?

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Hi guys
I don´t know if this has been covered before to the extend I´m looking for but here it goes:

I´m into buying a 04 R1 but my question to the owners especially the ones with aftermarket exhaust is how hot it really gets?
I live in Portugal and summers get really hot around here (35Cº) and I don´t like the idea of burning my ass off like I did for example on the duc999s I test drove the other day.

Also if for some chance I give a ride to a friend (girl) how bearable is it going to get. Can a person handel it or is it going to be almost impossible.

This issue is very important for me so all input regarding this will be much appreciated. :thumbup
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Ok, here my 2c:
The maximum ambient temperature I have ridden it is 20°C however, keep this in mind.
First of all, I don't experience a heat issue from the exhaust itself and am asking myself a bit what others are talking about. The passenger seat doesn't get warm at all and the plastic in the compartment below the passenger seat gets hand-warm at best.
As for the rider, I did in fact notice considerably more heat from the frame/motor than with the 02 R1, specially in the knee area. But this is from engine/frame and not from the exhaust. I didn't notice any significant seat heating as well. This may be due to the relative low temperatures and may change in summer, but by no means it is or will be a problem! If there is seat heating, it again is rather caused by metal parts of the frame under it than by the exhaust.
I was in town for the last two days, lots of stop and go, with the motor at max temperature and the fan on. I didn't notice considerable radiation from the cat (and I checked for that with the bare hand). If the bike is idling, the cat is rather cold anyway. This may be different if you stop from some fast riding and stay on the bike for a moment.
On the right side of the bike, there is a radiation shield to protect the rider from heat radiation. This shield is made from thermoplastic and gets hand-warm. Also the rear shock that is quite close to the cat doesn't get really hot.

Like with any bike, if it is 30°C+, you should be rolling or it is getting hot! Remember, there is a 70kg block between your legs that is at 100°C!
If you are rolling, the only heat you will feel is the frame, where your legs touch it. With thin pants this may get uncomfortable and additional shielding (carbon covers) may be helpfull.

You don't feel anything of the cat or exhaust however. This is specially true in riding position, your legs are just out of the way of any radiation!
By the way, the inside of the legs on my leathers is black, I should feel if there was radiation heat!
I am currently trying to get an infrared cam to do some heat map pictures of the bike and end all speculations.

I would be astonished to see Yamaha put a heat shield only on one side if there was a real problem. Remember, this is a tiny kat!
Should I experience heat problems caused by the exhaust in summer, I'll just shield the cat some more and add a little fan to blow its heat away, but I currently doub't I'll have to do anything at all there.
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Just ship me your R-1 so I can use it to collect thermo data. You'll have it back in a few months, or so......
Ok, let me check with the Post office what they would charge. I am afraid they don't have a stamp big enough ;)
If you get stuck at a red-light for any length of time - it becomes a nut roaster pretty quick.
As I said, I didn't notice this at 20° ambient temp., but again, this may get different at higher temperatures.
after 15 min spirited driving and getting back into traffic with stop and go (hitting 105Cº on the display) it gets really too hot for the passenger not the driver
I didn't notice this at 20°C but it may be different at 28°...
After all, riding such a bike in town at high ambient temperature sucks allways, regardless where the exhaust sits.
But riding on the backseat of an R1 sucks even at cold temperatures ;)
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