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04 stock+aftermarket underseat exhaust?... too hot?

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Hi guys
I don´t know if this has been covered before to the extend I´m looking for but here it goes:

I´m into buying a 04 R1 but my question to the owners especially the ones with aftermarket exhaust is how hot it really gets?
I live in Portugal and summers get really hot around here (35Cº) and I don´t like the idea of burning my ass off like I did for example on the duc999s I test drove the other day.

Also if for some chance I give a ride to a friend (girl) how bearable is it going to get. Can a person handel it or is it going to be almost impossible.

This issue is very important for me so all input regarding this will be much appreciated. :thumbup
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randomwalk101 said:
I don't have a ****ing 04 R1 to say anything....comprende/ ?? :bash
Yo!! What an asshole you are! Relax, lighten up, or LEAVE!!


It does get hot (when stopped and in traffic) and it's only 72 degrees right now. I'm wondering what will happen in the Summer?

Edrow said:
I removed the cat from my stock exhaust after my legs got toasted during a 90 deg F. day. Without the cat there is MUCH less heat on the back of the legs. No sound or power difference I can tell, but the heat is reduced a lot. Still seems a bit warmer than my 02 R1 with the side exit exhaust but not too much more...
There is a slight sound difference. Approx. 1.5-2 decibels. It sounds deeper.
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