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04 stock+aftermarket underseat exhaust?... too hot?

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Hi guys
I don´t know if this has been covered before to the extend I´m looking for but here it goes:

I´m into buying a 04 R1 but my question to the owners especially the ones with aftermarket exhaust is how hot it really gets?
I live in Portugal and summers get really hot around here (35Cº) and I don´t like the idea of burning my ass off like I did for example on the duc999s I test drove the other day.

Also if for some chance I give a ride to a friend (girl) how bearable is it going to get. Can a person handel it or is it going to be almost impossible.

This issue is very important for me so all input regarding this will be much appreciated. :thumbup
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41 views and nobody has anything to say about this!?
randomwalk101 said:
I don't have a ****ing 04 R1 to say anything....comprende/ ?? :bash
Claro! :cool:
Thanks guys:thumbup

Anyone else has info or experience with this matter?
hey guys
I just test drove the new one 4hours ago. And the bike is everything people say about it. So I won´t get into that it is a 1A bike.
Now, concerning the heat issue, today was a very warm spring day here in Portugal añd after 15 minutes of spirited driving and returning back to traffic it does get a bit hot, still ok for the driver but for someone who sits in the back it gets really too f...in hot and in the peak of summer the lady I took with me says it will probably become nearly unbearable depending on the ability of sacrifice. Carbon cans must get on if I decide to dump my 02 and move on to the new one. And definitely loose the cat.

Thanks for all the input everybody :thumbup
Well Juerg
You live in germany I know the place very well since I was born there. But today we had almost 28 degrees celsius and in fact as I said earlier, after 15 min spirited driving and getting back into traffic with stop and go (hitting 105Cº on the display) it gets really too hot for the passenger not the driver. The driver will for the most part be OK, put I´m really focusing on the passenger and if you think it doesn´t get hot for him or her than you should try it. It does get very uncomfortable and hot. And I would think that in summer where we get 35 to 40 degrees it sure will suck. It will be ok if you drive over 50km/h but lower than that and stopped after a longer drive... well I don't know?
Of course the one is a bike for one driver only but for me I do a lot of two up so the issue is important.:thumbup
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