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05 R1 High mileage 94K KM Oil Question?

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Sorry, another oil debate! I'm the sole owner of my 05 R1 and I've only ever ran standard mineral oil with it having never seen synthetic. I've done everything from hitting the track to long trips without issues.

I haven't had it on the road for the past two years due to life being crazy busy and with the previous few years not seeing much mileage but I had still done an oil changes each year so it didn't sit with the same oil.

Now that she's back on the road for a real summer I'm going to do another oil change but wondering about oil.

I'm wondering if I might be better with Rosella T4 with it maybe being a more refined mineral oil or stick with the old school Yamalube.
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Stick with what you been using. It has not let ya down yet. You are probably on a good maint schedule which is what your bike still runs great.

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