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Hello.I posted this on the r6 forum but couldnt get much help.So im posting it here since the r6 and r1 arent that much different.

I'm posting the steps and thoughts i made.

At first i had these problems.
Ok the bike is a 05 R6.It gives me more and more problems.Before i begin to desribe the problems i encounter,i have searched and have read all threads in here and also other forums.And the previous owner did not care as it seems for the bike.It has a remus carbon slipon,k&n filter.Also i did the slide stops mod.It has 70000kms now.

For the last year the bike has a cold starting problem.I have to keep the throttle open and rev it until it warms up and can idle on its own.If i adjust the idle when cold,once it warms up it idles to high,and also may have a hanging idle.
Last year i replaced spark plugs (iridium),new fuel pump and took the injectors for a clean.Also 2 months ago i did a valve check and adjustment.Some valves where off now all ok.I also had a play with some spare ignition coils because off an issue i had last year,but did't find out what it was,it cured itself( http://www.r6-forum.com/forums/showt...330&highlight= ).Also new battery.Tps is ok.I did 2 or more throttle body syncs.I can not manage to bring all 4 cylinders to an equal adjustment.I suspect the po did mess up with both the spring screws between each throttle bodies and the small screw on each of the throttle bodies.To be able to balance all to a level i had to play with both,but then again i can never bring all 4 cylinder at the same level.

Today i went to start the bike and once it turn i was not quick enough to open the throttle and it died.Now i can no more start it up.I suspect it fouled the plugs.I tried engine start fluid directly over the bellmouths,but it does not
fire up.I did all checks in diag mode,all seems fine.

I will take the throttle bodies out and remove the slide stops.I also will check all spark plugs again.But i'm confused.There is not much left i can check now.

Plugs where black and full of gasoline.Which means its too rich,correct?I also see gasoline on the ports right above the valves after trying to start the bike/I quote from a site

"Soft, black, sooty, dry-looking deposits indicate a rich air fuel mixture, weak ignition or wrong heat range spark plug (too cold). These carbon-based deposits are conductive, much like oil fouling, and will allow the voltage coming out of the center electrode of the spark plug to track down the core nose rather than jumping the gap. This will result in an engine misfire and further aggravate the carbon fouled condition. Check for correct plug heat range. On fuel injected engines, check for sticking injectors, malfunctioning cold start valves and/or circuits. Also check for correct fuel pressure specifications. On computer controlled vehicles, the "limp home" computer mode will always result in a rich condition. Therefore, it is imperative that you check the operation and condition of the on-board computer system. On carbureted vehicles, check choke and choke pulloff, high float level, and needle and seat condition. On all engines, severe vacuum leaks can decrease manifold vacuum, resulting in a rich condition. Weak and/or damaged secondary ignition systems will fail to spark across the gap lowering combustion chamber temperatures and promoting carbon deposits. This condition could also result from continuous low speed driving or poor cylinder compression."

I checked the valves again.Some are very tight.

Valves adjusted.Did the same thing.I noticed the throttle bodies where bad,i changed them too.Helped a bit.No it starts ok no problem.But still,high idle,hanging idle.Also i have the idle screw completely unscrew,it has a big gap.And the tb sync is still impossible. Cylinders 1 and 2 i can sync,but cylinders 3 and 4 have very low vacuum.

I've put a pc3.Didn't help much.I will try and substract some fuel around idle to see how it goes.But what troubles me is the low vacuum on cyl 3 and 4.

k.I replaced all vacuum lines.Also did check the diaphragms on the sliders.Nothing again.
As i found out with the old carb cleaner technique.The diaphragms on cyl3,4 still were leaking.So i took everything apart again,cleaned,and put some high temp gasket maker to seal the diaphragms against the throttle body covers.This solved the vacuum leak.

To balance the tbs i had to first balance them via the screws inbetween them and then,after i put the airbox on again,i fine tuned them via the air screws.Now it idles ok.

So i thought.

Today i took it again for a ride.It is bogging arount 6k-8k rpm and wide throttle openings.The idle is very erratic,1200-2000-1200.If i adjust it low enough when warm,when its cold it stalls.

I will put the stock air filter to see if is bogging.But i dont know what else i should do.Sorry for the long post.
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