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The only thing that happens when I hit the switch is the CEL comes on (as long as the switch is held in).

How I got here:
Replaced coolant hoses and thermostat, deleted the kickstand switch, deleted the key with Woodcraft harness.

Unplugged and removed all electronics to make access easier. This consists of Bazzaz TC/QS, Bazzaz auto tune, gear indicator, speedo healer, and the controls and shift light for the Bazzaz setup.

I put the bike back together to start, it cranked but didn’t fire (I’ve had it taken apart for a couple months and have only run it once every two weeks for the past two years) so not unexpected. After the last time I tried cranking it, it showed code 12. Sure enough, I broke the wire on the crank position sensor. I repaired the wire, and now nothing. It doesn’t even try to turn over, no click, nothing. Tried jump starting it, no change. I’ve also put it on a trickle charger to make sure it’s topped off. When I turn it on I get all normal sounds and indications.

Additional info:
The bike is in neutral and the light on the dash is lit.
Battery voltage is approximately 13V (I understand the difference between voltage and current and the relationship they have to starting the bike).

What I’ve looked at so far:
A lot of forum threads.
All fuses and relays.
Stripped it back apart and made sure I connected everything and properly.
Continuity across the Woodcraft harness terminals.
Battery voltage.
Start switch.

What I’m thinking/path forward:
New battery, my Shorai is close to six years old now and has failed within the last two years to start the bike. My only reservation with this is attempting to jump start the bike didn’t change anything.
Starter relay
Starter motor?
I’m ruling out the clutch and side stand switch because the bike is in neutral and knows it’s in neutral. I’ll probably check them before I go down the battery route though.

Beyond those two, I’m lost. Please help.
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