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I stopped by yamaha today to check on my bike and had a talk with an official yamaha engineer (he was here to train the guys). I told him about the power issue and he confirmed that the ECU doesn't deliver full power in first under 7k RPM.

He said it was done more for safety reasons.

and about my bike.. they gotta replace entire left fairings, mirror, front rim, handle, side stand, rear wheel frame, exhaust, fuel tank :dundun:

what sucks is that they don't have a 2008 parts catalogue or any parts for the 2008 model, so its gonna take a while. I told them to stick 2007 parts on it but they insisted that the parts were different. when i asked them about the difference, they went blank .. apart from fairings/color change.
Please excuse me if I missed it but, why is Yamaha looking and why do all these parts need replacing?

I looked at the titles of your other posts but it didn't jump out at me
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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