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Hey All,
I have searched through the forum but cant find an answer to my problem...
Only occasionally my bike will just suddenly stall when at idle, mostly at lights (much to my frustration). After a minute or so of trying the bike will start again and i will go happily on my way.
I entered diag mode and no fault codes are shown, But i did notice when in D01 it will start at 16 (closed) then up to around 70 (open) then back to 22 (closed) but it wont move from that even when i move the throttle open to close, open to close..
i turn off the key and go into diag mode again and i get the same error over and over again..
I have lifted the tank and watched the butterfly valves and they operate and as i open and close the throttle until such time as it freezes at 22.
I am hoping someone in here has had the same problem, or knows what i can try next to fix the issue..
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