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Hey guyz anybody know if the rear sprocket for a 09 r1 is anything special?

Like can i go to my local hardware store and get replacements or are they different from regular nuts

Sold the rims off my bike and getting it back to stock only to realize the sprocket nuts shipped with the rims already

Thanks in advance

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10 mm x 1.25 thread pitch

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i dont ever recall having a washer in between the stud and the nut

Washer, Plate

how weird......
Yeah, I don't remember that either. Guess I'm gonna go check my 2010 to see if she has em.

You certainly could just buy the washers from your local hardware shop though. No reason to pay $2 a washer.

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$2.06 each from www.partshark.com

Part number - 90185-10009-00

You can buy all 6 of them for the price of that one on Amazon! :shake

Glad to have a member here that is a cheapooo worst then me :lol:
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