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1/4 mile times

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What is everyones 1/4 times? I think i saw the Yamaha r1 tested at 10.30 sec. Anyone have any tips for rocket launches? How much gas does everyone give it in the start? How do you keep it from rolling back and killing ya?

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I don't know times but as far as the launch goes....slip the clutch,do not just whack it and dump the clutch cause you will loop it real quick. We saw a kid do that on a back road we race on,bike looped and busted the case and oil was leaking out then someone yells out you better ride that thing home before all the oil leaks out.........and off he rode:iamwithst
To be fast you end up slipping the clutch most of first gear . 10.54 best run for me so far , first time at the drags . I had to get new steels and fibers for the clutch too . 25 runs that night though . Ivan as in the jet kits mentioned pulling the oil pan and cleaning it if you cook the clutch a few times . I changed the oil next day but he said that is not good enough . Too many places for crap to sit in the bottom .

there are some step by step direction
first you have to put your bike in the first gear and then you have to ease the clutch lever till you feel your bike is pulling but remember you have to have your foot under the gear shifter and be ready to change to the second gear,concentrate on the light and your bike and be ready to take off,now you have to lean over the top of the bike i mean close to gas tank and then you have to try to be as smooth and as fast as you can on the clutch,you need to keep the front end stable.
if you are doing that on your bike so you know when and where your bike is gonna pull up the front end ,but if you are doing that on somebody else bike becareful and try to get to know the bike.
i hope that it could help a bit.
That sounds like good advice R1MAN I've never done it becouse im scared that ill screw up at the lights and mess up but one of these days im going to try it
I'll know this year what my times average out at.
I have been running consistent 10.76'[email protected] Not the fastest I'm sure. I hold it at 5000 and let the clutch out. When it bogs I put the hammer down all the way. Once it gets the front up I put it in second. I keep it in 3rd till the end crossing the line just under the rev limiter. Putting it in 4rth slows it down with this method. I have also tried slipping the clutch at the start everywhere from 5000 to 8000. I always run slower and inconsistant when I do that. But of course that is because I suck. I guess the key is practice and more practice. I also went 1 tooth down on the front sprocket and 1 tooth up on the rear. That did not work. Same times only at the top of fourth and inconsistant as hell.
The best I've run was about a 11.1. But before you tell me I suck too bad. This was run at 4400 ft of elevation on a pretty warm day in Montana. I weigh around 200 lbs and a bit more with the leathers on.

Best so far is a 10.24 @ 138, 1.80 60ft. I have Ivan's jet kit and Akrapovic. Ran a 10.26 before the pipe. I think I can get down into the teen's when I get to run it again. did the 10.24 on a 100+degree day. Running stock ride height, and a 1 tooth smaller front sprocket.

If you wanna learn to be good at drag racing, look at your 60ft, not your ET. In motorcycle drag racing, your 60ft is EVERYTHING. The faster guys will be looking at 1.70's and the lowered geared bikes with great riders will see 1.60's I would say a good street bike rider will see 1.75-1.85 60ft's.

One tip I will share with you though is this. from 1sr to 2nd you will have to use the clutch, or else waste time backing off to keep the wheelie down. The rest of your shifts however, you should NEVER LET OFF THE GAS. Right before you are ready to shift, pull up on the shift lever a bit ( like 4-5lbs or pressure) and when you are ready just "flick" the clutch lever. Do not pull it all the way in, just slide two fingers across it. Thats all it will take to get it to shift.

With the bike running WOT, you can pull up all you want on the shift lever and it will not shift. However the moment you break the load off the tranny it will shift. This will shave a bit of time, also if you are near the finish line, if possible rev it out instead of shifting. This works well for full exaust system bikes. Every time you shift, you spend some time, so shift as little as possible. Good luck guys.:rock
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I almost forgot. When i first got the R1 I was leaving the line at 7k, but have figured out that less is more off the line. I now leave the line at 4-5k. I try to get off the clutch as soon as possible.

When you get your 60ft's around 1.9, then worry about the ET. Cause untill you get your 60ft somewhat consistant, trying other things to go faster will be a waste as you will not know if it helped or hurt.

Also I have never been a fan of the foot under the shifter on the starting line. I think it eats too many brain cells while you are trying to stage. You wind up worrying about keeping the bike upright, and not being focused on the task at hand. The R1 is good for about 77mph in first gear, you have plenty of time to get your foot up there :)
Well that should do it......glad to see you made it over here from the darkside Jay:D ;)

Yes It looks as this may be my new home. I just cannot understand someone being a prick to everyone and thinking he is doing a "service". What was your name in the other place?

I plan on going to Texas a few times this summer, maybe we can meet up. Be nice to meet some of the people who I talk to nearly everyday :)

Forget it MARTIN, I ain't going up north to see ya.....lol:bash
I was MotoPsychoR1 on the other one,but I was just lurking towards the end.Hell if I did post all I got was :bs anyway. hell yes let me know when you are coming this way,I am working on the highchair wheelies but I dont wanna dent my tank to hell.I do have a spare tank coming:D

Cool man, I will keep in touch. I haven't dented my tank yet, but I have broken off the heads of the stock plastic windscreen bolts. Better than breaking the windscreen or the fairing I guess.:boobies
Jaystensec4cyl. Sounds like you know what you are talking about. I completely agree with you on the 60' issue. 0.2 at the 60 is alot more at the other end of the track. Do you race every weekend? I go about every other weekend. I am dying to get my times down to near yours. My best run being [email protected] My 60ft times are usually 1.77 to 1.82. I,m not perfect though so I get some 1.90's in there too. Here is a slip for a 10.80. That is about standard for me.
60' ...1.797
330 ...4.702
1/8... 7.034
1/4... 10.807
I wonder if I am losing the time when I let it bog? must be after the 60'. I do not have a jet kit yet but, I will get one soon however I don't believe there is .50 sec in it. So I must be doing somthing wrong. What is your 330'? There is a guy on a older susuki 1100 running 10.30's when I run him he is handicapped and he catches up to me before half track, after that we are side by side. He beats me every time. He has been at it for 30 years, his 60' is 1.62. I am sick of typing, and your probably sick of reading. I will catch up with you later.
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Oh, one more thing jays10, I use the exact same method for shifting as you do. What gear are you in at the end with one tooth down in front. Your mph is nice and high. I wish they were half mile tracks.

Jeff brother you are cool as hell....lol:D You know usually people on the internet have a tendency to LIE:bs However you are an honest guy. I dig it brother.

I Drag race when ever I get a chance. I do it maybe once or twice a month when the track is open. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I have run my bike maybe 50 times. I really don't know.

You have some killer 60ft times. My best ever on the R1 is a 1.7760ft. I am not a 60ft artist...lol I know that when I leave at 7k and slip the clutch alot I have higher trap speeds. Not by alot but it is noticable. Seems I can get a decent 60ft, or a good mph, but not both.

I wanna say I am in the top of 4th when I cross the line. I have never really thought about it before. I just watch the tach and shift when I get to my pre determined rpm. I was shifting into 5th about 100ft before the line, but realized that it was costing me about .05

I had Ivan's jet kit in my bike before my full exaust and I ran a best of 10.26. The jet kit does not really help on top. I Do not see it shaving off alot of time. A slip-on and the jet kit will help, but like you said not .5 worth.

I will tell you this. I have found this to work for me. When ever I go to the track I always dial in MAX rebound dampening in the forks, and MAX rebound and compression dampening in the shock. I also run my shock on the stiffest setting, street or track. This has shaved about a tenth for me. I hope it will help you as well.

As I said I also am using a one tooth smaller front sprocket. I know this helps. And I use the HIGHEST tire pressure possible in the rear tire without it spinning. Truth be known I can use 35psi cause I come off the line so slow...lol I also make sure the front tire is 40-45 psi. I remove everything from the trunk. I also try to keep the tank empty, to just where the light comes on. I get the light to come on, then add about 2 cups of gas, then the light comes on and I do it again. Just trying to help out the power to weight ratio.

I also run CR9EK plugs. I think they are better. You do not need to worry about indexing the plugs as they have two electrodes. I have removed the air pump and pluming, and trashed every extra hose on the bike. If it dosent help go, stop, or turn I try to get rid of it.

Where are you located? It would be cool to meet at a drag strip somewhere this summer with some other R1 guys. Good luck.
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Thanks Jay10 you rock.:rock I did about the same as far as track time goes. I have a good stack of lose slips to go with it. My reaction times are my biggest enemy. I take it your motor doesn't bog at the start, if not... that would explain my good 60' and shitty 1320'. Thanks for the info. I live about 40 minutes west of Pittsburgh, Pa. I would love to hook up for a day at the track with you and the other guys. Might be difficult though considering were we are all from. I won't be racing to much this year, I am buying a house this month, and getting married next year, fundage is all tied up but I will go at least a few times. That racing stuff can get expensive. Do you have any of those pesky snowmobile racers at your local? I am usually up against 1 or 2 other streetbikes, 2 snowmobiles, and 6 to 10 dragbikes depending on the day. Later Fro

Jeff here is a time slip to look at, it is from before my full system.

R/T .745
60ft 1.883
330 4.575
1/8 6.758
MPH 113.13
1000 8.649
1/4 10.262
MPH 138.93
Thanks Jay10, it looks like to me I need to focus on my 330 instead of my 60' for a little while. I am letting the clutch out too fast, yeilding a good 60' but a bad 330'.
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