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My 2004 (owned from new) will reach 100,000 miles next weekend.

At that point it is due a fairly major service. Oil and filter are a given. As is every other 4k service item and a valve clearance check/adjust.

Does anyone know of anything else that is likely to turn out to need replacement at this point? I am wondering about the cam-chain guides for example.

Things that have already been replaced are alternator rotor (at 40k and 80k), the water pump seal and the front forks (wore through the chrome and started leaking).

Not long for this world are the plates that hold the exhaust to the head (the rest of the exhaust is perfectly fine) and the rear shock is starting to rust on the spring (but is otherwise a perfectly good shock, despite "everyone" knowing that they are clapped-out at 12k :)
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