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So I picked up my new 2017 R1 the other day and I couldn’t bring myself to ride it anywhere else but home (from the dealer), the factory tail is just disgusting and makes the bike look like a scooter from behind. Naturally, I couldn’t sleep that night so I got up early and went to work on the bike :)
After dismantling the tail I worked out a rough idea of how to mount everything back up with a few minor modifications, apologies in advance for not taking more photos - once I started I didn’t really stop.

Once the tail is removed you can see there is a metal support bracket where the bolts thread into, drill out the tiny river and it’ll pop out.

Remove the indicators (carefully), taking them off completely- cut them off with as much length on the indicator side as reasonably possible. Keep the 2 screws and the plastic spacer / cable guide.

Where the plastic cover clips into on the bottom of the support bracket, drill out the holes a little bit larger, just enough for you to line up the indicators to screw into AND safely run the wires through (don’t attach yet).

Cut off the trident shape ends on the metal bracket, nearly all the way to the end, grind / file smooth. I used an angle grinder and a grinding stone to get them just right, finished off on a wire wheel to smooth them down. Cheap hack, use a black permanent marker to go over the raw aluminium and blend it in with the black paint

Once you have the bracket at good length, Dummy up the indicators to the bracket. You will need to use a spacer or take off the back half off the indicator stem so that it sit straight due to the brackets folded in shape. Take off a little at a time!

To screw the indicators in you will need to use the plastic cable guide, due to the bracket being thicker than the original mounting points you will need to trim off about a 1/4 of it to allow the screws adequate bite in the indicator stem.

Use one washer on the rear bolt hole to clear the fairing (bracket overhangs slightly on the rear most point).

Trim the factory bolts for the tail or use shorter ones.

Use a grommet, run factory indicator harness down to tail. Soldier and heat shrink wires.

Mount license plate under seat, space out if you like using washers. Tip, the top of your plate should line up near the indentation on the trim, check clearance for bolt holes, drill and bolt in place.

Optional, install led license plate light. Join to factory harness.
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