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12 Street/Track R1 Deconstruction - From "BOTM" to "OEM"

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Well, technically not BOTM, but easily a pair of Brembo HPK calipers and a couple of race-spec titanium bolts away from a BOTM worthy build... Many have graced this forum with their finest street and track builds, taking bikes with 0 miles off the showroom floor into their garages to create some of the most customized, clever, and most expensive builds we ever seen shy of an AMA-level race team's garage. But looking through the thousands of threads, there are many bikes that have reached this pinnacle of greatness, enjoyed BOTM/BOTY status only to be stripped and parted out; but the process has never been documented. No one has officially documented the process of taking their highly modified bikes back into stock, OEM form- Until now...

Parts list: (Going to clean this up and organize it in a later edit :crash)

Rizoma Universal Sportline Billet Grips
Rizoma Conical Barend Caps/Sliders
Rizoma Universal Fit Fluid Tanks Size 27
Rizoma Fluid Reservoir Bracket-Brembo
Rizoma Universal Engine Oil Filler Locking Cap
Ohlins Damper Kit OEM Location
Evotech Top Yoke Nut
Graves Motorsports Smog Block off Plates
Yamaha Pazzo Racing Lever (clutch)
Spiegler Front/Rear Brake Lines
Tygon 2375 & Honda Cap
Woodcraft Swingarm Slider Spools
BMC Yamaha Air Filters
Cox Black Radiator Guards
Gilles VCR Rearset Super Sale
Pazzo Brembo RCS Lever
Renthal Road Race Clipons
FP Racing Preload Adjusters
Gilles Titanium Axle Nut (24mm)
Driven Evo-Spec Yamaha 520 Superlight Steel Chain Kit with EST Technology
Driven Mirror Blockoffs
Pazzo Brembo RCS Lever
10pc - Black D-Ring Dzus, Clip-On, OEM Plastic Bodywork(14mm)
4pc - Black D-Ring Dzus, Clip-On, OEM Plastic Bodywork(14mm)(

Tygon 2075 / 2375 Tubing - ID: 1/4in (6.35mm) - AJK00017
4pc - Black D-Ring Dzus, Clip-On, OEM Plastic Bodywork(14mm

Motodynamics 09-13 SEQ LED Taillight Smoke
Motodynamics 09-13 FE Kit
Puig DB Windscreen Smoke
Yamaha R1 (2009-up) Custom H.I.D Kit w\relay
SlingShot Racing Yamaha CNC Quick Release Racing Cap Black
Brembo 19RCS MC
Flash Tune ECU Reflash
Yamaha OEM Solo Cowl Black Metallic
MDI Side Tank Panels
Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
Resistors for flushmount signals

Alien Motion 8-cell Lithium Battery*
Ballistic 8-cell Lithium Battery
Translogic MD3 Dashboard with Universal Mounting Bracket
Brembo Rear Caliper with CZ Bracket
Lawst Caws Frame Plugs
Flash Tune QuickShifter and ECU reflash*
Braking Rear Rotor
Lightech Chain Adjusters
Flushmount Turn Signals
MDI Y-Pipe Heat Shield*
MDI Side Panels
MDI Air Box Cover
Titanium Hex Head M8 x (1.25mm) x 20mm Race Spec (qty:2)
Ti Banjo Bolt Simgle M10 x (1.00mm) Race Spec
Ti Disc Bolt Yamaha Pack x 5
Ti Disc Bolt Yamaha Pack x 10
Ti Hex M6 1.0mm Race Spec (qty:3)
Ti Hex M6 1.0mmx25mm Race Spec (qty:3)
Ti Flanged Nut M6
Ti Socket Cap M6
SS Steel Dome Head M6 1.0mm x 30mm
SS Flanged Nut M6 1.0mm

GB Racing Covers
Race Tech Suspension Tuning*
LacoMoto Rear Hugger and Swingarm Covers
Ohlins TTX MKII Shock GravesSpec with Graves Shims
Galfer Front Rotors
Harris Performance Brembo Mechanical Clutch Lever & Perch
Graves Sprocket Cover
Full Transportation Set - Canyon Dancer - Black Tie Downs
Renthal Grips - Medium
Ti Nitride Pin for Brembo Clutch Perch
SharkSkinz Race Tail
OPP Race Bodywork (Upper, Lower, Fender, Windscreen, Fasteners
(2) Driven Clipon Replacement Bar
Red Line Water Wetter
Tygon 2375 1-foot
No-Cut Frame Sliders
Lightech Chain Adjusters
Ohlins FGRT NIX 206 Forks 1.05kg/mm
StompGrip Tank Pads (Black)
Graves Motorsports LINK Y-Pipe
Graves Motorsports LINK Cans
Performance Friction Brake Pads .07
Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slick Rear 200/60
SBK Unlimited Kit Linkage
Driven 15T F Sprockets
Graves Rear Brake Return Spring
Marchesini M7R Wheels
MotionPro Throttle Kit
FlashTune DataLINK
APE Cam Tensioner
Graves Clutch Kit
RogerSBKComposites WSBK Plenum Intake matte Carbon Fiber
Techtronics CABS Auto-Blipper
Dynojet QS Sensor (Pull)
Dynojet QS Sensor (Push)
Custom machined stainless steel shift bar
Attack Performance Triples
Graves Velocity Stacks
Renthal Grips
Graves Clipon Bars

Street Form:

Track Form:

So the tear down from modded to OEM begins... Why you ask?

Because 2015 Gravespec R1.

Let the deconstruction begin... :drevil:
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So are these goodies going to be for sale? lol
Haha that didnt take long bro.
So are these goodies going to be for sale? lol
Yep. :yesnod

Here's a link to the first round of items up for grabs :sneaky


Haha that didnt take long bro.
Hey man, you saw this coming a long time ago :lol
Well, one thing about modded to OEM is, it is certainly not fun :no Especially with this level of detail added to the bike. I literally had to map out how I was going to break the bike down, and list all the required components that need to be removed/replaced when apart...

First was the easy stuff... FlashTune DataLINK ECU Harness, solo cowl, saddlemen seat, windscreen, mirror block offs, etc... You know, the stuff most guys swap out upon acquiring a new scooter...

Then on to the spec mods...

Graves Velocity Stacks

Translogic Dash

Put these Attack Performance Triples on not too long ago and they are coming off too :crash

Even made sure I took off all the pricey ti bolts and other components...

But then we have this WSBK-spec plenum wedged between the motor and the frame...

...and he must come out too :shake

So off goes radiator...

Off goes exhaust...

down goes motor...

Out goes plenum...

Motor back in...

Easy as pie :thumbup

Before I can continue with the airbox, I need to yank these bad boys out...

Then it's on to suspension...

Time to pull my favorite mod :(

Then forks,

More tear down on the way... :drevil:
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Sorry to see your bike return to stock - I always thought it was one of the nicest x-planes on the forum.

That being said, I'd definitely be interested in those Graves stacks once they come off.
damn..... this is going to be good!!! Good luck man.
i like the wsbk plenum and the carbon hugger en swingarm protectors
Realy nice bike its a bit sorry that you gonna take it apart. i realy love you bike bro!
Are you gonna go for the 2015 model?
i like the wsbk plenum and the carbon hugger en swingarm protectors
Realy nice bike its a bit sorry that you gonna take it apart. i realy love you bike bro!
Are you gonna go for the 2015 model?
Apparently you're more of a "picture" reader huh? :lol
Yes youre right, yesterday i had a quick look around lol
But today i begon to read everything and i must say i feel stupid.

I was yesterday by my tuner ahnendorp tuning in holland and he is the first one in holland that can test the yamaha r1M!! it was on the dyno and it has 191rear wheel horsepower.
A standard bmw s1000RR has 193rwhp on that dyno.

I did headwork/racecams/MWR WSBK airfilter akrapovic evo2 and Yec ecu/cabletree etc etc and had 188'7 rwhp... The r1 2015 has less torq really less torq but he was saying just a hobby racer is better of with the RN22 and a pro with the r1 2015 because they drive different
Ah man!! I just finshed the build thread Sunday. Lol didn't think I'd see this. Incredible build. Can't wait for the new 1!
Bike is coming back together nicely! I'll post more detailed updates soon!!!

OEM clipons and triples...

OEM Dash back on...

OEM cockpit coming together...

Bike starting to look OEM again! More updates coming soon!
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Let me get those frame plugs there good sir. Only need the engine mounts. :corn
This is heartbreaking. It was SOOO Perdi!
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