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I'm thinking about going to jennings gp track in the next month or two (for the track school) and I'm wondering what I'd have to do to my bike and myself to get ready for this. I don't plan on actually racing that day I just want to improve my skills. I have been riding for 11 years now and sport bikes for 3.

Also do I need full leathers and boots for a school? I have a miline jacket and the alpine star gp pro gloves but thats it at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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The bike track-prep requirements vary quite a bit frome one track day hosting organization to another, and sometimes, from one track to another. So the best thing to do is to check with the specific track day hosting organization and make an inquiry as to the exact prep, gear, and logistical requirements. Do so well in advance to allow you sufficient time to make any necessary compliances. :)

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Here is a link to the track prep page for Jennings


It is pretty minimal, tape up glass, I would get rid of antifreeze and put water only in.

Remove the license plate structure.

You will need leathers one piece or a two piece with zipper.

It is a fun track enjoy!

If you do the Bargy racing school the Prep is a bit more involved.
The Martinneli school has the same requirements as the track does.


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For the love of Gawd, safety wire your oil drain plug... That comes off, you've ruined it for everybody... My 2 cents.
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