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My 1st time on a bike. Its a bit harder then i expected. My 60' was a 2.5:bash 1st run was a 12.6 and last one before i left was an 11.5 @135.
I think if i go again i can hit a 10 fairly easy now that i know what i need to do. Alot more rpm off the launch. Cant say for sure but i think i was taking off around 6-7,000 and slipping the clutch. I would either slip the clutch too much and it just didnt wanna take off hard or i would dump the clutch pretty quick and it would almost stall or just annihilate the tire.

Anyways, i dont feel i did that bad for my 1st time and the fact i havent ridden much at all. I just needed more time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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