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hey guys I am relocating to CA this summer and my bike needs to go.. instead of giving it back to the dealer I am selling my R1 at a very low price .. would rather hand it over to a another/new R1 owner

The bike has a clean title, stock, stored inside house during winter and very clean. I also have a unpainted solo tail section for sale if someone is interested.

I'll post pictures when I get home

Model: Yamaha R1 2000

Color: Blue

Miles: 6500

Price: $7300

Location: Minnesota, USA

Contact: [email protected]

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not to be offensive but dealer won't give you more than 5 thousand for that :(
dealers like to rip off

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solo said:
my tail section is brand spankin new.. never used .. I was going to pant it and everything but I decided to sell my bike

where in Iowa ... I'm sure he had a few mods though
South East Corner, Keokuk to be exact.

Oh my bad it had flushies in the front!

So what's the deal with the bike and tail? Lemme know if I don't buy yours I'll find another. Thanks man
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