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Hi Guys,

First time here and wow, there is a lot of information! I have done a search on this subject but no one seems to have an answer, so I have come to the pro's.

I have a 2001 R1 which had an alarm fitted (I cant recall if it was a data tool or something else). The alarm went wrong, so I had it removed.

I was riding the bike (fast) the other day, tipped in to a bend and it randomly cut out but then started again in under a second. BANG! Misfire etc.

I carried on riding and was on a straight, and again, it just cut out. This time there was no misfire, and I had to pull over, select neutral, start, engage 1st and off I went again.

Then it cut out again.

This happened on and off, but especially so under hard acceleration. Very annoying.

Anyway I now want to sell the bike but need to fix this prior to selling it.

Can anyone tell me what it is that has gone wrong? I would be so grateful for your help.

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