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you are correct. If you plug off the vacume line and plug the air box it will disable it.

It will slove or help solve you poping on decelearation problem.

I am guessing you have an aftermarket pipe on the bike and now it pops when you let off the throttle and slow down?

The idle mixture screws should be right around 3 a/2 turns out from lightly seated. If you do that and disable the AIS then the poping will 99% of the time go away.

On these bikes usually I just tap the head after pulling out the elbows (a real bitch!!) and get bolts to put in the holes I tapped. I dip the bolts in JB weld before I install them, and have never had one come out yet :)

I wish It was a bit more like Suzuki's system where it is easier to remove and block off, but thats what it is :)
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