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Hey guys,
I know theres recently been a similar thread about this, but my issue is a little different. Sometimes it's that the bike won't start after riding it, but will after cooling down. Sometimes however, the bike is cold and I'll check the voltage of the battery and see something like 12.8v, and then go to start it and the engine will turn over but it won't start. Its like the voltage is there in the battery, but it can't put out quite enough amperage to get it going. Nothing is wrong with my charging system, I rewired it all and replaced the r/r and seeing everything I'm supposed to see from it, but for some reason sometimes it just won't start. Any ideas?

Thanks very much :riding

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Going to sound like a total idiot here but I have no idea what the neutral switch is or what it does. can you explain? I know where to find it, just don't know what its purpose is.

There isn't a neutral switch. There is a green light dot on ur cluster when the bike is on neutral.

The only problem I found on mine was. The kickstand switch is a pain when I try to put the bike in gear. I need a new switch soon, but I got better mods to do right now then a bloody switch :lol
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