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2002 EFI R1

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What a bike, I'm converting mine to racer trim like my 2 other R1's which means I'll have left over street components I'll not need. (gave up on street riding after 32 yrs!!! even sold my Vmax) ) anyone interested pls let me know, I can say this much, the 2002 rear rim is a total different animal. will not fit any yr. R1. Oh, this is me gettin it at Roebling Rd. in Savannah Ga. SKo


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small comparison

I have a 2000 & a 99, as for how they stack up on the trk for thats the only riding I do now, is not much different, I run the same race compound tires, suspension pieces r the same, sag, etc. The only difference with my new EFI is the suspension, rear wheel and seating. on the trk, EFI is power smooth, and linear, very flickable, falls into corners quicker, and no sharks yet available!!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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