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Probably 99% of you still waiting for your 02, are just as sick of looking at the same ol' bullshit speculative articles on the R1 as I am- no true substance. So I happened to find a pretty insightful article on what the R1 engineers intentions were for the new R1 - If you've already seen this, I'm sorry to offer another dupplicate - but I hadn't run across this article, and I thought it was pretty meaningful...


once again, here's some more fuel to the notion that just like the pen is mightier than the sword, the scalpel is mightier than the sledgehammer... This year, I sincerely hope to see the R1 kick the Gixxers ass in the twisties!!!:machinegu

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Exactly Scud!
You just put into words what i was thinking...
Thanx for the article. If NE1 else has some good references like that post them here please!

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Its all about "THE ONE"!

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