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2002 R1 owners WATCH OUT

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I wanted to let you know what happened to me today. I was pulling the wheel up and the right clip-on busted off. :no Not only did I almost go down but it scared the $hit out of me :eek: Any way when I cleaned out my pants I noticed the screws on the other clip-on were loose. I called my dealer and he told me I was the THIRD R1 sold that had this problem. If you do not want to down that new baby of yours you may want to check.:fact
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This is the dealer's fault. One of the limited assembly steps the dealer must take when they uncrate a new 2002 R1 and prep it for delivery is to rotate the right clip-on into position and tighten the bolts that secure it. The dealer screwed up, and this is a common problem that is occurring with significant frequency.
mclincoln said:
I have 178 miles on my new bike. They are replacing the part and of course the dealer told me it was the factory that did not tighten them.:bs Does anyone know where the responsibility lies for certain?
Yes, I know that the answer I gave you is for certain. It's a dealer screw up, plain and simple.
Matchstick said:
I had the same problem. When I heard about it, I thought I better check mine out. Holy crapp, both bolts on my right clip on were missing!!! God know's how long I was riding like that. Took it to the dealer and they replaced them and also used lock tight. :rock
The correct procedure is to rotate the right clip-on into position, use blue loctite on both pinch bolts, and torque down to factory spec.
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