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2002 R1 owners WATCH OUT

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I wanted to let you know what happened to me today. I was pulling the wheel up and the right clip-on busted off. :no Not only did I almost go down but it scared the $hit out of me :eek: Any way when I cleaned out my pants I noticed the screws on the other clip-on were loose. I called my dealer and he told me I was the THIRD R1 sold that had this problem. If you do not want to down that new baby of yours you may want to check.:fact
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check more than just clip-ons

a little off year but my 2001 had a loose stering head bolt, bar-ends,engine mount bolts(both bolts on both sides in the head)the one screw at the top of the tank
that holds it down.
not mention the usaul mirrors nuts falling off.
now not all of these are part of dealer prep i know, but some are and the ones that are should have been
blue locktighted but they were not and the dealer i purchased from said they do not put their own bikes together.they said a company in the next state that just puts bikes together does it for them and could not
do anything about it. oh well just thought i would let everyone know and im going to check my clipons now.:eek:
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