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2002 R1 owners WATCH OUT

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I wanted to let you know what happened to me today. I was pulling the wheel up and the right clip-on busted off. :no Not only did I almost go down but it scared the $hit out of me :eek: Any way when I cleaned out my pants I noticed the screws on the other clip-on were loose. I called my dealer and he told me I was the THIRD R1 sold that had this problem. If you do not want to down that new baby of yours you may want to check.:fact
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Here you go picture of right clip-on pinch bolts, standard torque is 9.4 ft-lb as some has mentioned. Those bolts on my bike are fine. Thanks for the head up.


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after i read this i looked at my bolts and....

i lost one bolt (right side), too ...

will go to my dealer tomorrow
How's this for [email protected]#@ ups, when I bought my 2001 R1 I rode it for about 200 miles and the right tripple tree bolt came off along with my tank bolt, so basically my right side was moving up and down and my tank and coming up at high speeds... To make it even worse I went to the dealer to get replacement bolts and just for the hell of it went to check one of the bikes on the showroom floor and guess what I was able to unscrew the same tripple tree bolt off the showroom bike with my fingers. :confused:
You need to make sure the high school kid who's prepping your bike knows what the hell he's doing. This is a dealer screw-up that is getting people hurt. The '02 is a little different than last year, they can't just take it out of the crate, put the windscreen on, and send it down the road like most dealers do. They need to read the Yamaha prep instructions that they were sent. I worked at the shop where I bought mine and they almost missed the bolts, but they do a thorough prep and test ride and caught it. This is 100% on the dealer and don't let them tell you otherwise. The bolts should have small black, plastic caps that covers them. If they're missing, chances are they weren't tightened or even looked at. I can't stand incompetence. :mad:
Thanks for the pics . Got to check when I go home from work today.

GOOD good good, good vibrations...

yep - at just under 5 grand cruising around the streets, there's some definte vibratin' going on....Anyhow, I actually moved my LEFT clipon in a little bit because it was more comfy on my wrists....Did I mention that when I did it I was able to rotate the clip-on because it wasn't tight enough!! THat was with about 100 miles too, first day after I rode it home.
Thanks for that pic...best descriptor yet. I checked mine this morning and they're still there as well as tight. Gonna verify that again tonight with an actual tool rather than my hands. :D
F!ck... i juss checked mine and they were loose too... WHAT's up with this?? Why is it ONLY the RIGHT SIDE that everyone is finding a problem???? Is there some kind of defect??? It's alittle odd how everyone has their right clip-on's loose...

Some more insight on this would be great...
I haven't checked mine out yet; I will as soon as I get back home from work. Thanks for the information!
Clip-on bolts

Not only were two bolts loose, a third one was missing on mine, when I got it home. Did the old check & tighten all bolts & screws routine & replace as needed.
I lost 2 bolts on the right clipon and 1 bolt on the tank!!!! :mad: :machinegu
Checked mine when I got home last night, same story. Both bolts gone on the right side. :mad: Needless to say, I'm pissed and plan to go to the dealership this afternoon to give someone a new asshole.
F!ck... i juss checked mine and they were loose too... WHAT's up with this?? Why is it ONLY the RIGHT SIDE that everyone is finding a problem???? Is there some kind of defect??? It's alittle odd how everyone has their right clip-on's loose...
Kreationzx - take a look through the rest of this thread. You'll see that when the bikes comes out of the crate at the dealer the left clip-on is already in position from factory. The RIGHT clip-on needs to be moved into position during the dealer setup procedure.

Left clip-on tightened at factory = no problem. :cool:

Right clip-on 'tightened' at dealer = bolt check at home. :machinegu
i had all the bolts in the triple when i picked up the bike. Like in another post i did the screw that holds the clipon to the triple clamp under the plastic cap was loose on the throttle side. tightened up and everything seems ok just alot of vibration. cant keep triple clamp tight. :confused:
I just checked mine and everything seems to be ok; plus every bolt has a little blue paint on it, meaning that they've been checked out?!? Don't know!
Hey, no shit. I've had mine for about a month now and just realized the right clipon has a screw missing. LUcky for me I saw it.

When I first took out my bike I noticed the same thing one bolt was missing. It's the mechanic of the dealer that fucked up since they told me so.

Ohh well we will see what the next one holds for me 25 days to go.
This is definately a trend..................

Maybe I should have said something earlier but when I had just over 300 miles I lost the clip on bolts from the right side. Summummabeotch!!!
Same here

Same here, loose bolts scarey....
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