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2002 R1 owners WATCH OUT

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I wanted to let you know what happened to me today. I was pulling the wheel up and the right clip-on busted off. :no Not only did I almost go down but it scared the $hit out of me :eek: Any way when I cleaned out my pants I noticed the screws on the other clip-on were loose. I called my dealer and he told me I was the THIRD R1 sold that had this problem. If you do not want to down that new baby of yours you may want to check.:fact
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left clip on

At a recent track day I was raising the forks and found the left clip on bolts loose (spinning freely!)
ever see the dealer take a bike out of the crate?...the front tire is off, the clip ons are in a bag, etc..some idiot gettin 8 bucks n hour didnt put yoru bike together right cause he was in a hurry to get to lunch
what "clip on" are you talking about?
all of mine seem to be tight and someone probably checked them because they all have the little blue marks on them. so far i have been really happy with my dealer, and i hope to buy many more bikes from them in the future - email me if you are interested in who they are (don't want to post it because i'll sound like a dealer troll) :crash
For fucks sake guys! I've been trying to tell you fellas about this so many times.I'm gonna try and het the bolts myself tomorrow and tighten the rest.all dealers should be:machinegu for this **** up!heres the picture


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Hey whats up with that headlight switch on gunas bike? I wonder if we can get those from Canada and have to check if we have a connector on board. Thats a must have.
I don't think this is a dealer problem at all. I have personally taken an R1 out of the crate and I know that the only thing the dealer had to put on was the mirrors and the windscreen. They do not touch the clip-ons! This is a problem that comes from the factoy.
Not a 2002

I personally received my 02R1 brand new in a crate delivered to my warehouse. Dont ask.
You put the mirrors, windscreen, battery terminal, fuel, take the plastic off of the muffler and tail section.

You then have to spin the right side handlebar out, put in the locating bolt, tighten the two pinch bolts and locating bolt and then put in the locating bolt cap.
Everything else was ready to go. Of course you double check all the fasteners, air pressure and fluids.
This is a PD or pre delivery problem. Pre deliverys are done usually by mininum wage rookies so check your shit.
Damn, I thought this was old news but I guess not. People, you should always check your bolts when you get a new bike because you never know what those incompetent mechanics are going to overlook (like they give a F*CK anyways). I have had hoses left off, cracked fairings from over torqueing, among other things. My 02 has 4000 mi. and no one other than myself has yet to lay a wrench on it. For what its worth do as much of the maintenence as you can.
I have also heard a few clip ons coming loose.. be careful and check those things..... Glad your ok bro! Some new underoos are better than a busted ride though... :D

Wow that's crazy dudes. I had no idea we had to check are bikes over like that. Only because you would think the dealership would be responsible for that and would be sued for every failure if they didn't. And what if someone or has died because of this and it has gone unoticed. Has anyone had a problem with there 2000 ? or is this a 2002 problem ? I'm still in shock with this thread........... NOS.
mclincoln said:
I have 178 miles on my new bike. They are replacing the part and of course the dealer told me it was the factory that did not tighten them.:bs Does anyone know where the responsibility lies for certain?
Did you pay for delivery and prep charges ??? What does the PREP part mean? :fact
factory built

over half of the 02 R1s were sent to the dealers compltelt assembled. A test program for Yamaha USA. This problem may come from either source.
I guess I was very lucky with my 02, well sorta. After about 600 miles I noticed my tank was moving when gripping with my knees. I stopped, and low and hehold, the bolt was missing from the tank by the triple tree! Nothing life-threatening, but still got me paranoid for the ride home.

I have tons of hardware laying around since I am always working on my YZ 250 so it was an easy fix. All my clip-on bolts (and every other bolt) are still in-tact from the dealer.
Both of my Right Side ones came out. The dealer replaced them and put loctight on the to prevent them from backing out again. I dont even know how long i have been riding with out them.:no ...not good
02 clip on warning

Now I'm not condoning the dealers charging $$$ for something there not doing, but the fact remains, it is your job, nobody elses, to make sure your bike is safe to ride!! That means, that every single time you throw a leg over your bike, you are responsible for you clip on pinch bolt being tight!! and every other bolt for that matter!!:fact Now before I get flamed for sticking up for the money grubing dealerships, I think it's really fucked up that at 80 miles, and less in some cases, that bolts are falling out of your R1's. I, a parts guy at a dealership, would blow a gasket, if on my first ride inspection I found a clip on bolt only hand tight or worse, ready to fall out!!! But the moral of the story is that I WOULD!! have found it, because I sure as shit DO regular safety checks of MY! machine before I get on and blast around 130mph sweepers and rip high speed standups down the highways around Buffalo. It's not right that the dealers aren't setting up the bike properly, but ultimately, It's MY responsability to check MY machine out before I ride it!!! Thats the bottom line, period!!:finger keep the shiney side up!!:thumbup
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You guys mentioned something about my headlight switch being different...err...does it come any other way?fpr your info,I have the option to switch my lights both pilot and head on or off.If it comes any other way,do you have pictures of it?
Head light switch, turn signal switch and horn is on the left handgrip on US bikes. yours seem to be on the right side where the throttle grip is... maybe its cuz you guys drive on the wrong side of the road :p Gottal learn to drive on the right side dude. heh
YUP.... DELAERS FAULT!!! :fact I work at a dealership so i know. I build bikes for the local sealership. The clips-ons come twisted to fit the crate so i know its the dealships fault. Also, the head bolt is another thing you guys might wanna check. The head bolt comes with a bracket attached to it which in turn is attached to the crate so its neccassary to take the bolt off and put it back on upon removing it from the crate. ~Ed
Well Unimatrixzero,the Uk spec bikes have the switch for the pilot light and headlights on the right grip(to turn them on).The dim light /headlight switch is on the left together with the turn signal and horn.The way I see it,the US version has one switch less(probably they didn't want it too complicated for you guys).And about driving on the wrong side and all,thats your war with the Brits,leave us out of it.We're good either side, dude.:cool:
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